Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Before we start with the madness, let's take a minute to introduce the players in this comedy.  Our family consists of a set of parents and two young(ish) kiddies.
 Mom and Dad are Matt and Jess - 2 Montanans hovering around the 40-year-old mark.
Mom is a Montessori teacher of middle schoolers who, besides just being a great mom, is also a lover of the outdoors and a voracious reader of books.
Dad is an ESL teacher of adults (currently) who enjoys music, fly fishing and just about anything else outdoors.
Kid number one is Radd - a 10 year old boy who lives for sports and food.
Kid number two is Suni - a 6 year old girl who is equal parts grit and grace.

So- why go abroad?  And why Thailand?  Well, the easy answer to the first question is just because we can.  We have been living and loving life in Bozeman Montana for 18 or so years.  We have a house and careers and friends and hobbies and all of the things that make life great. But if the potential to have an experience like this comes up, then why not take it?  Jess's job will be waiting for her when we return, which gives us a sense of stability.  My job may or may not, but that's OK, More on that later. . .
And as for Thailand, our little beauties were born there and adopted from there, so we have spent some time in Thailand.  And if you have spent any time there yourselves, then you know why we wanted to return.  I personally can't think of anything that Thailand lacks.  It's got a tropical climate, warm and kind people, beautiful scenery, and a low-cost/high standard of living.  Sign me up!

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