Sunday, July 24, 2016

Busy lifestyle

I imagine that at some point in our life here, we will slow down and get into a laid back, take-it-easy way of life.  This has not happened yet.

Every day has been more or less non-stop with our house hunt, school preparations, communications, and meeting new people.  I have to say, I am ready for the shift to take place, but being busy has been good for us - mostly because it keeps us out of this hotel room.  Speaking of which, it looks like we found a house and will be moving into it on Saturday.  It was an exhaustive effort, but Jess and I felt just like we were on the show House Hunters International (Jess' favorite show).  We looked at 6 very different houses last Saturday and were able to decide on one pretty quickly.  I was leaning towards the first one we saw, which was in town and very cheap (I still haven't gotten work yet).  But in the end we agreed on one at the top of the budget outside of town.  It's got a big yard, everything we need to cook and clean with, nice neighbors, and a cat, apparently.  The kids were psyched about that, as you can imagine.  The owner of the house was a real character - a retired Brit who never stopped ragging on our real estate agent.  He totally charmed the kids, so much so that all they could say after we left was "Tony!  Tony's house!  Let's move in with Tony!"

Unfortunately for me, as soon as we returned to our room from the house hunt, I fell extremely ill.  In fact, I didn't get out of bed for 24 hours, and even then it was just to wobble around the room for a minute.  I am still feeling nauseous and have a head ache but my fever is gone and the stomach cramps have eased up a bit.

But the real exciting news is that today is the first day of school for Jess and the kids.  I dropped them off this morning and watched the flag raising ceremony where the kids all line up in their uniforms and sang the Thai national anthem, the school song, and welcomed Jess, Suni and Radd.  It was cute, but I was sweating and feeling dizzy so I didn't stick around long.

Now I am desperate to leave this room again, but can't stand the idea of talking to anyone or being outside.  What to do?  Write a blog post!


  1. Yeah!!! You have a house😆 so sorry you are sick and hope you feel better fast

  2. A house! Good news! Sorry you feel icky. Never been to Thailand but have been to India 3 times and had some stomach upsets. Nothing serious, but totally annoying. This too, shall pass... No pun intended. Do you have a 'script for anti-nausea meds? Feel better, my friend!

  3. Take care of yourself. And enjoy some quiet time ❤️

  4. So fun to read about your adventure!

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