Sunday, July 10, 2016


Because of a "mistake" at the UHAUL office, we were upgraded to a 26 foot truck instead of the 20 footer I reserved.  This turned out to be most fortunate because we couldn't even fit all of our stuff in the 26 footer - we had to load up Jess' minivan with the rest of our crap.  So it was that we set out for the storage unit hidden away near the airport.  And as the planes took off and landed over our heads, I opened the storage unit for the first time and my heart swiftly broke.  It was about half the size of the truck.
I couldn't think for a solid 120 seconds as I tried and failed to come up with an alternative.  However, just before we left our house, our friend recommended that we channel our "Tetris" powers when unloading the truck.  So that is exactly what we did.  We began by taking the large items out of the truck and spreading them across the parking lot.  Then, pulling out all of the stack-able things, we attacked the back of the unit by creating a wall of useless junk 15 feet high.  It was an engineering feat rivaled only by the Grand Coulee Dam or the Colosseum.  Hour after hour we worked until, nearing the front of the unit, we could see that we would indeed be able to fit everything - that is until we remembered that we still had a minivan full of furniture.  No problem.  All of the hours I spent sitting cross-legged on the floor 18 inches from the TV playing Nintendo were not spent in vain.  Tetris Power!  In the end, we celebrated by snapping this photo of Jess and Radd feeling proud, tired and hungry.  From this moment on, it was time to return the truck and begin cleaning the house in anticipation of our tenant taking possession of the keys; however, that is not as fun of a story to tell (or read, I assume) so forget about that.
We are now out of the house and living out of a 2004 Honda Odyssey.  Talk about downsizing to a tiny home...

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