Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I didn't have time to actually take these photographs with an actual camera.

The sun hiding behind a bat-shaped cloud, emitting rays of hope.  Underneath, a smiley-faced girl sits atop her brother's shoulders chest deep in an azure pool.  7th birthday is a good one.

Village road being overtaken by jungle.  Puddles reach across with vines and fallen debris.  Street lights long abandoned standing in the background, now silently watching , thinking about the economy.

Purple storm clouds overhead.  Battered Japanese sedans moving as one, front to end, end to front. T-shirts, shorts, and flip flops holding plastic shopping bags outside the market.  Red and blue lights spinning dizzy atop a minivan ambulance.  Hands to mouths, eyes wide.  Two feet poking out from underneath a white death shroud, one socked, one not.  Crumpled motorbike carefully removed from traffic.

Light-duty pickup overloaded with human labor strains into traffic ahead of hurrying commuters. Motor bikers swerve to avoid rear-ending.  Teenager turns and shakes angry fist as he passes on right. Front wheel wobbles out of control.  Collective gasps.  He recovers.

Green behind green behind green.  Green-treed hills behind a green rice paddy behind green viney jungle behind a rows of green pineapple plants.

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