Thursday, December 29, 2016


Christmas in Thailand was relaxing and mellow.  There was no Christmas advertising bombardment, no Black Friday, no children begging for a long list of toys.  Instead, we spent our time doing fun things around town, treating ourselves well, and taking time to watch the sun rise above a sea of clouds.  Did we miss family and friends?  Definitely.  Did we miss cutting and trimming the tree, setting up lights, shopping, or shoveling snow?  Not so much...We managed to have a few Christmas dinners, go swimming, ride tandem bikes, feed elephants, and even get tattoos!

But instead of writing every detail of our Christmas week, I will simply post some photos that will tell the tales for me.  Enjoy!


  1. Looks beautiful! You didn't tell us what the tattoos are..... Missed our Christmas morning Skype. Glad that you had a good week!!!

  2. Very cool. I especially like the very trim and young looking Santa :-)